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Women Life Freedom Tee

Women Life Freedom Tee

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In collaboration with Sunny Shokrae.

Forough Farrokhzad, an influential Iranian poet, broke new ground by championing the role of women in society. Through her powerful words, she passionately portrayed the discrimination, inequality, pain, and relentless hardships faced by Iranian women. In her quest for enlightenment, she fearlessly confronted the effects and constraints imposed by conventional customs. Her poetry became a profound catalyst for change, inspiring generations to challenge the status quo and fight for their rights.

The Kurdish phrase "Jin Jiyan Azadi" is the slogan for the Kurdish Women's Movement, proudly displayed in Kurdish as the first line. The Kurdish movement, particularly in regions of Iran with a significant Kurdish population, has been at the very forefront of advocating for women's rights, challenging patriarchal norms, and striving for social and political equality.

Iranian women, in unity, embrace "Jin Jiyan Azadi," which in Persian is "Zan Zendigi Azadi," written last. This solidarity stems from shared experiences and aspirations between both ethnic groups. The phrase signifies the crucial role of women in society, their fundamental right to live freely and autonomously, and their invaluable contribution to the broader struggle for justice and freedom.

We stand firm in our advocacy for gender equality and women's rights, not only in our local communities but also across the world. Together, we strive for a future where all women can enjoy a life of freedom, dignity, and empowerment. 


50% of profit proceeds to - Mind Body Medicine for Farsi-speaking leaders who will continue to implement training, mentoring, and integration activities within their communities

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100% Lightweight Pre-washed Cotton

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