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Elephant & Sloth Face Masks - 2 Pack

Elephant & Sloth Face Masks - 2 Pack

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100% of Profits from the Elephant Mask are donated to The Baby Kit project with the Lao Elephant Initiative (LEI)

Kit is a 4-year old male elephant born in captivity who is on his way to becoming the 1st EVER captive born elephant in Laos successfully reintroduced to the wild. However, LEI needs the funds to keep him and his family protected and healthy through the pandemic.

100% of Profits from the Sloth Mask are going directly to The Sloth Conservation Foundation in Costa Rica.
The funds will be used to build sloth crossings that enable to sloths to safely cross roads. In 2020, the funds from Animalia alone build an entire crossing and we are looking to build 2 more in 2021!

  • Our Sloth and Elephant Face Masks are made from 50% Recycled Cotton and 50% Recycled Polyester, with Mother Earth in mind.
  • Designed by artist Dana Veraldi.
  • Pack includes 2 masks: 1 Elephant Style 1 Sloth Style.
  • Our non-medical masks can be worn for everyday protection.
  • The two elastic bands are comfortable for your ears.
  • Includes adjustable wire at the nose bridge. 
  • Reusable, machine-washable, hang dry or tumble dry low.
  • Ethically made in Los Angeles with 100% recycled materials.


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