What is your name and where are you currently?

My name is Nala and I'm in LA


Are you where you normally live?

Yes, home sweet home


What are you currently reading?

My dad's mind.


What are you currently watching?

Live squirrels in my backyard.


What are you currently listening to?

Daily piano lessons and my dad constantly talking to his zombie machine.


What have you been eating the most? Do you have a recipe to share?

Chicken, mussel extract, sweet potatoes, carrots and kibble.


My dad makes me breakfast sandwiches with a chicken breast in between two beautiful dried beef patties.  Total nirvana.


How are you moving your body/exercising?

Hike everyday!  A little hide and seek as well.  Oh and chasing the landscapers.


If you’re buying anything, what is it?

High thread count sheets and comforters. I'm kind of a big deal.


What’s one new thing you started doing big or small since this all happened? (Like a new skill/a hobby or even habit)

Going extra moody into total emo territory.  WTF is dad home all the time?  I need some space.  Also, why did all the humans lose their mouths and nose?   


Tell me about your evening routine! And your morning one too!

I start every morning with a solid poop.  Feels great.  Maybe a little butt drag.  Dad always picks it up. Not sure why, like bro, I promise I'll make more.

In the evenings I chill.  Dad always lights this strange dry grass on fire, and I don't know why, but I just curl up and melt into my bed.


What’s one way big or small that you’ve been helping others?

Well, I take care of my Dad mostly.  He's been a bit more tense lately so I just kind of go over and smile and let him scratch my butt.


Do you know of any good charities or causes people could donate to?

Well, I used to volunteer at, what was pretty dope.  Dogs help kids.  Kids help dogs.


What keeps you sane?

Chasing sticks and rocks, seeing my friends everyday on my hikes, and always going to bed by 10.


What one thing can’t you wait to do?

Get my freedom back.  Look Dad you are my best friend and all, but girl needs some space. Please find something to do outside of the house.


Who has been the most interesting/unexpected person you’ve spoken with since this started?

I met this dog Lacy the other day who had this crazy conspiracy theory that the humans are acting weird because they found out the cats are planning a global attack.  It was only a matter of time before they turned. We've been telling our parents for years!


What’s one thing you’re grateful for?

I've really aged well.  Like, I'm a fucking 10.


Anything else to share?

When will humans realize that greeting each other with a butt sniff rather than a handshake tells you sooooo much more about who that person is?

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