Chase Cohl

What is your name and where are you currently?

Chase Cohl. I am in Laurel Canyon, in Los Angeles.


Are you where you normally live?

I normally split my time between Los Angeles, New York City & upstate New york.


What are you currently reading?

I usually have a few books on the go at once. Currently it’s Mating in captivity, by Esther Perel, which has been on my list forever, and a collection of Federico Garcia Lorca poems.


What are you currently watching?

I’m finding that I hardly have the attention span to watch much of much, honestly, but I binged the entire season of Normal People in one night like a lunatic. Also, Mrs. America is fantastic.


What are you currently listening to?

Depends on the day. Bobby Charles or Augustus Pablo in the morning, The Band, Dolly Parton or Alton Ellis at night.

I don’t like to listen to a lot of modern stuff while I’m working on my own music, either it influences me too much, or brings up feelings of defeat & inadequacy. Both are shit.


What have you been eating the most? Do you have a recipe to share?

A comical amount of fresh fruit, variations of oats, spicy pickles, labneh on everything, about 85 cups of Earl Grey per day.

I spent the first month or so adapting "healthy versions" of all my Mum’s baked goods recipes, but had to cool it on that before my trousers stopped doing up completely.


How are you moving your body/exercising?

I hike through the canyon every morning with my dog, Papa, & do zoom pilates classes with my favourite teacher here & a group of friends 5-6 days a week. It helps me to be held accountable.


If you’re buying anything, what is it?

Fancy cheeses, weird pottery from the craft section of Etsy, tiny slices of recording gear as I’ve been building a makeshift home studio.


What’s one new thing you started doing big or small since this all happened? (Like a new skill/a hobby or even habit)

I’ve become embarrassingly obsessed with researching the history of houses in my neighbourhood. I’ll pick one I like on a hike, write down the address & learn everything about it that night.


Tell me about your evening routine! And your morning one too!

I eat dinner most nights at 530pm like a senior citizen. I find I don’t sleep as well if I eat late. So I’ll cook, mostly veg or salmon & usually catch up with a friend over facetime while I eat, then I run a bath & sit in it until I prune & the water goes cold. Ridiculously long. Occasionally I'll have a whiskey or a glass of wine, but less and less these days. I get into bed early & watch a movie or write or listen to music. Honestly, it’s pretty quiet, but on the days I can keep anxieties at bay, I’m finding it to be a fairly peaceful time.

In the mornings, I wake up, do my TM practice, chug a litre of water, make a cup of tea & head on a hike. I find silence to be highly underrated so I try not to crowd my morning with sound too much.


What’s one way big or small that you’ve been helping others?

I’ve been dropping off tons of baked goods to neighbours & sponsoring shelter dogs.


Do you know of any good charities or causes people could donate to?

So many! Midnight Mission, The Centre in Hollywood, Gimme Shelter Animal Rescue in NY & the Labelle Foundation in LA.

The David Lynch foundation also does incredible work teaching underprivileged children & frontline Covid workers meditation to help manage anxiety.


What keeps you sane?

Writing, making music & being able to check in with my family & friends. I *try* to do all three every day. Most days I miss at least one, but the effort is there.


What one thing can’t you wait to do?

Make a record with a full band live off the floor. Get dressed up. Put on makeup for a reason. Put on shoes for a reason. Fly to Canada, where I’m from. Jump in a lake. Order a cocktail. Play a show.


Who has been the most interesting/unexpected person you’ve spoken with since this started?

I’ve been talking to old friends from Canada who I don’t often have the chance to keep up with consistently, which has been so refreshing & grounding & incredibly funny.


What’s one thing you’re grateful for?

Having learned long ago to be someone who enjoys my own company. Also great music, having my family to talk with & the privilege of being able to take a walk in my neighbourhood without fear.


Anything else to share?

I’ve learned that it’s okay if some days all you do is take a walk & stare at the ceiling for 12 hours. It’s also more than okay to feel happiness & to laugh. Being kind & patient with ourselves is absolutely crucial right now.

Laughter & joy are absolutely crucial right now. Joy is good for the immune system. Last week I spent two whole days in my robe, why not take advantage of the fact that nobody is judging you right now?!

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