Sunny Mercuriadis

Sunny Mercuriadis
What shirt did you choose and why?
Frida because I have an affinity for women with mustaches and unibrows, myself included.
What are you currently reading / listening to / watching?
Listening to: Nothing but Frank + Chance, Reading: The article on my phone right now is "Justin Bobby: Where Is He Now?", Watching: I've been trying to watch sad movies to make me cry...I've been unsuccessful so far. 
Where did you grow up?
London/Los Angeles/New York City
What is one odd thing you can’t live without?
What was the last great meal you had?
Westville mac and cheese always. 
What is something you like / dislike?
I like babies I dislike adults
Who would you like to see on the next DeerDana Shirt?
Jon Benet Ramsey
What do you think about when you first wake up?
Where am I? What time is it? Where are my cigarettes?
What is your favorite song to listen to on a plane?
I always take off to "Paint It Black" by The Rolling Stones because it makes me feel like a spy escaping. 
Who would you like to have dinner with?
Me when I was 10
Do you have a Website / Twitter / Instagram?
Instagram: @sunnybunny00
Snapchat: sunnybunny00
Photo by Dana Veraldi


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