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Kid Super

NAME Colm "Kid Super" Dillane WHAT SHIRT DID YOU CHOOSE AND WHY? Picasso - he is a superhero - also my phone background. WHAT ARE YOU CURRENTLY READING/LISTENING TO/WATCHING? Good Will Hunting script -> trying to write a movie. help! WHERE DID YOU GROW UP? NYC -> moved a lot when I was real little WHAT'S ONE ODD THING YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT? Soccer (friends lol) WHAT WAS THE LAST GREAT MEAL YOU ATE? Gaia on Houston -> go! WHAT DO YOU LIKE/DISLIKE? I love soccer I hate when people text me just "yo/hey/etc." WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE ON THE NEXT DEERDANA SHIRT? Ronaldinho BUT it has to be a collabo! WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SMELL? I love when smells bring you back to certain memories. WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO ON SUNDAYS? I never know the day of the week -> soccer. WHAT ARTIST WOULD YOU LIKE TO COLLAB WITH? Living -> Duke Riley Dead -> Salvador Dali DO YOU HAVE A WEBSITE/TWITTER/INSTAGRAM? twitter: @kidsuper instagram: @kidsuper Photo by Dana Veraldi