Matthew Berkson

NAME Matthew Berkson WHAT SHIRT DID YOU CHOOSE AND WHY? I chose Henry Rollins cause my cool older brother listened to him growing up. WHAT ARE YOU CURRENTLY READING/LISTENING TO/WATCHING? I am reading crazy amounts of news. I will admit to watching Homeland, Newsroom, The Daily Show, Charlie Rose & Anthony Bourdain... I'm listening to Crash, Henry Wolfe & Blake Mills WHERE DID YOU GROW UP? Muthafuckin' Encino, California WHAT'S ONE ODD THING YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT? My leather work jacket that has 9 pockets that doubles as my work bag WHAT WAS THE LAST GREAT MEAL YOU ATE? Marie's Bolegnese WHAT IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE YOU'VE EVER BEEN? Big Sur WHAT DO YOU LIKE/DISLIKE? I like the Lakers and dislike the Clippers WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE ON THE NEXT DEERDANA SHIRT? Warren Buffet and Elizabeth Warren! DO YOU HAVE A WEBSITE/TWITTER/INSTAGRAM? instagram: @mattthebrat (coming soon)

Photo by Dana Veraldi

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