Isabelle McNally

NAME Isabelle Verda McNally WHAT SHIRT DID YOU CHOOSE AND WHY? Shit...I forgot! I'm sorry its taken me so long to fill this out, Dana. I've thought about it for longer than it would've taken me to complete it. WHAT ARE YOU CURRENTLY READING/LISTENING TO/WATCHING? I'm currently reading (audiobook actually) 'Will in the World' by Stephen Greenblatt after my shrink suggested it. For some reason I don't want to say what I'm watching cause it sounds too 'hip' but w/e, 'Broad City' and 'The Honorable Woman' WHERE DID YOU GROW UP? New York City WHAT'S ONE ODD THING YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT? My vape man...just kidding. Maybe WHAT WAS THE LAST GREAT MEAL YOU ATE? I really could enjoy any snack or donut as much as any 'gourmet' (pronounced in NY accent) meal. Recently had yellow curry w/ only broccoli and tofu over rice. WHAT IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE YOU'VE EVER BEEN? Oh, I don't even know! It so much depended on my mood at the time. Anywhere with my family makes me appreciate my surroundings. The Caribbean most recently. WHAT DO YOU LIKE/DISLIKE? I hate puppy mills and pet stores like the one on Christopher & 7th. Also, I really judge people who say, "I'm doing good." It's WELL. You're "doing well." I love my friends & family & being out & about w/ them. & MY DOGS! (rescues) WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE ON THE NEXT DEERDANA SHIRT? The Pope, I feel like he'll sell well. DO YOU HAVE A WEBSITE/TWITTER/INSTAGRAM? Yup. They're both my name - IsabelleMcNally instagram twitter WHAT ELSE? Nothing my hand hurts. Let's go get food!

Photo by Dana Veraldi

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