Jack Miner

NAME Jack Miner WHAT DO YOU DO? Analyst for the KING WHAT IS YOUR SIGN? Sagittarius WHAT SHIRT DID YOU CHOOSE AND WHY? Prince because of the original Batman soundtrack WHAT ARE YOU CURRENTLY READING/ WATCHING/ LISTENING TO? The Vogue Archive/Girls/Fiona Apple & the new Beach House album WHAT WAS THE LAST GREAT MEAL YOU ATE? Mother’s Day lunch with my family in Connecticut. WHAT IS SOMETHING THAT YOU TREASURE? Memories WHAT IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE YOU HAVE EVER BEEN TO? East Hampton, Long Island WHAT DO YOU LIKE/DISLIKE? Airport bars/HD WHOSE SENSE OF STYLE DO YOU ADMIRE? My brother’s & Daniel Day Lewis’s in There Will Be Blood WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE ON THE NEXT DEERDANA SHIRT? Jack Nicholson

Photo by Dana Veraldi

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