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Sebastien Theroux

NAME Sebastien Beaupierre Theroux WHAT DO YOU DO? Whatever I have time for between naps. WHAT SHIRT DID YOU CHOOSE AND WHY? David Lynch. All the obvious reasons. WHAT ARE YOU CURRENTLY READING/ WATCHING/ LISTENING TO? Nobokov's "Pnin", Spalding Gray's "Morning, Noon, and Night" Cronenberg on Cronenberg and todays paper. Listening to Joanna Newsom…as usual. I'm watching NY1 WHAT WAS THE LAST GREAT MEAL YOU ATE? Bibb salad with avocado and chicken at The Smile. WHAT IS SOMETHING THAT YOU TREASURE? I treasure "Treasure Island." WHAT IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE YOU HAVE EVER BEEN TO? The projection booth at the single screen art house theater I used to work at in Charlottesville, VA. Bardot pinups and old Bergman posters and postcards from old employees . WHAT DO YOU LIKE/DISLIKE? Like sincerity but not as much as irony. I dislike styrofoam…especially when its nearby. WHOSE SENSE OF STYLE DO YOU ADMIRE? The villain in "The Night of the Hunter." WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE ON THE NEXT DEERDANA SHIRT? Jack Nance's character in Eraserhead.